Additional Services

Additional Services

Adjunct Therapies and Treatments: Comprehensive Care Beyond Adjustments

At Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic and Integrated Medicine, we understand that effective treatment often requires more than just traditional chiropractic adjustments. Recognizing the unique needs of each patient, our clinic offers a diverse range of adjunct therapies to enhance or even replace standard chiropractic methods, particularly for those who may not tolerate traditional adjustments well.

Expanding Therapeutic Options for Holistic Healing

Our approach to care is holistic, integrating both innovative and conventional therapies tailored to improve your overall health:

1. Non-fatiguing Myostimulation: Utilizes electrical stimulation to alleviate pain, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation without exhausting the muscle tissue.

2. PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency): This advanced technology uses magnetic frequencies to improve capillary blood and lymph flow, helping decrease inflammation, speed healing, deliver oxygen, and reduce pain.

3. Intersegmental Traction: Aids in retraining the movement patterns of locked-up vertebrae, building strength and stamina in underused or deteriorating spinal segments.

4. Whole Body Vibration: Bombards the nervous system with various frequencies to enhance fluid exchange, accelerate healing, boost energy, and stimulate the body’s natural painkillers

5. Localized Traction: Decompresses spinal joints, increasing movement and enhancing the spine’s strength and endurance to relieve pain.

6. Artho-Stimulator: Targets decaying or underused spinal segments post-adjustment to rebuild core muscles, stimulate brain function, and increase range of motion.

7. Compression Soft Tissue Therapy: Aligns the body and frees up stuck or "frozen" muscles to decrease pain and enhance performance.

8. Graston Fascial Release: Manually manipulates long strains of soft tissue called fascia, releasing "tightness" and allowing energy to flow more freely through the body.

9. Functional Taping: Uses kinesiology tape to stabilize joints, support muscles, lessen pain, and retrain movement.

Integrating Mind and Body Therapies

In addition to these physical therapies, we incorporate techniques that address the mental and emotional aspects of health:

Clinical Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP): With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Janeshak utilizes clinical hypnosis and NLP to access and influence the subconscious mind, where many of our automatic thoughts and behaviors reside. These powerful techniques are particularly effective for patients whose issues are rooted in mental processes, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and addictions. By addressing these subconscious triggers, Dr. Janeshak helps patients achieve profound changes in their mental and emotional well-being.

At Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic and Integrated Medicine, we believe in a holistic approach to your health, combining physical treatments with mental and emotional therapies to ensure comprehensive care.

Explore the Full Spectrum of Our Care

If you're seeking a holistic solution to health challenges, whether physical or psychological, our wide range of treatments offers the comprehensive care you need. Contact us today to discover how our innovative therapies and mental health techniques can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.